My Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge

I thought I would start this 100 baby challenge for sims 4. It’s really turning out harder than I thought in my imagination it would be. But anyways for a try here is Grace!

Meet Grace Winston


Love’s Outdoors
Family Oriented

Here goes Graze’s story as best as I can tell it! Grace lives in Willow Creek she had moved there from Windenburg  as a young adult, leaving behind a long forgotten family of Winston’s to start up her new life. She has wanted a big family and has decided that she would start it up in Willow Creek where no one knew her! She wanted lots of children but never wanted to adopt or marry, so the best she could do was figure out how to start a family with unfamiliar people. So Grace jumped right in trying to find the perfect donor’s that would agree to her crazy scheme! The first few she met was not in the mood for the ideal at first so it was going to be a struggle to make this happen. She started making friends with 3 local guys around town in hopes that one would at least agree with her.
The First male she tried persuading was J Huntington III which didn’t go so well. He flat out refused because he had commitment issues. She tried to explain that he would not have any rights to the child and had no reason to worry about having to commit to her, but as of now he still refuses. The next one was Trever Guillory which will not commit to being a donor at this time for unknown reasons. So she moved onto Ryker Lindsey in hopes that the third time would be the charm and sure enough after a little persuading he agreed to be a donor. Not just a donor but the very first donor of what would turn out to be Grace’s very first child!

Meet Donor Number 1 Ryker Lindsey

After Grace’s courtship with Ryker she became pregnant with her very first child! Loving the idea that everything was falling into place she started planning for the baby working hard every day to make ends meet without help from the donor. Grace struggled but it was what she wanted! She started her garden,


She worked hard in it every day!grace2 She needed to make ends meet so she fished,


and she cooked!


She would have fun just laying on the ground in the garden dreaming of what the baby would look like and if it was a boy or a girl.


Grace dreamed and worked hard for what would become the start of her legacy! One night while laying in the garden dreaming with the stars.

Grace went into labour!

and before she could get to the hospital, right there in the middle of the garden out popped the little bundle of joy!

Yes, it was a beautiful baby boy! Right there between the mushrooms and the tomatoes. Her baby boy was born. She had to think of a beautiful name for the baby since it was born in the garden it needed to be about the garden. She called on her wonderful friend from Oasis Springs Airis to help her with a name. She came up with this beautiful name for him Narciso. Meet Narciso Winston
A beautiful flower from her garden! She had her very first baby for the start of her journey! It would be a long and hard journey she new!

Sleepless nights and long hard days in the garden and taking care of the baby took a toll on her that she never knew was possible!
By the time Narciso became a toddler she was almost overwhelmed with doing everything by herself!

Feeding him,
bathing him!
She barely had time to eat!
and no time at all to sleep!

She would quietly fall asleep in the tub most of the time!
But Grace really did enjoy her baby boy no matter how tiring it was she always seemed to find the time to tuck him in and play with him!


Narciso Trait randomised for toddler he got the silly trait!

No matter tho because Grace loved her baby!
Stay tuned for more of Grace and her adventures in The 100 Baby Challenge!