CMP’ Continued Adventures

These two look like they are up to something’ yes?07-24-18_2-33-04 PM

But still work, never the less!
07-24-18_1-55-16 PM

Toasted Ray
07-24-18_1-48-33 PM

Sometimes its not safe to be like Ray!
07-24-18_1-49-27 PM

Helper Ray
07-24-18_4-00-50 PM

but yet he still likes to eat in the rain!
07-24-18_3-42-53 PM

5 Stars! Yes 07-24-18_3-54-03 PM

The chef’s area!07-24-18_1-47-35 PM

Customers look up to Ray today!07-24-18_3-48-35 PM

All in all it was a good day for Ray!
07-24-18_2-43-58 PM

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