CMP, Meet Ray

Continued adventures in Corner Market Place!
Meet Ray in his pink PJ’s, a random sim I made, and the owner of Corner Market Place!
07-20-18_2-00-30 PM

Ray is making things tidy and helping out the employee’s, making there job a bit easier! 07-20-18_2-10-36 PM

Ray has no dress code, well at least for himself and often seen wearing this! 07-20-18_2-17-28 PM

07-20-18_2-18-18 PM

Yeah and sometimes, there is two Ray’s!07-20-18_2-33-30 PM

07-20-18_2-35-31 PM

and sometimes you get a glimpse of Ray in his pink PJ’s
07-20-18_2-41-38 PM

Nothing as exciting as the opening day, but at least you get to meet Ray!
Stay tuned for further adventures in the Corner Market Place!