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Welcome to Simplicity – 13 NO CC

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Here is my First Modern Home, a 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, 1 car garage, with split level, with setting areas, 1 bristo setting outside under chestnut tree, for some quite R&R, Built with a small amount of store items, and some EP’s and SP’s not a lot, NO CC,  loads up fast, Sim tested and fully upgraded.. Sims can move in and start enjoying…

Screenshot-682 Screenshot-684 Screenshot-685 Screenshot-686 Screenshot-687 Screenshot-688 Screenshot-689 Screenshot-691 Screenshot-692 Screenshot-693 Screenshot-703 Screenshot-704 Screenshot-705 Screenshot-706 Screenshot-707 Screenshot-709 Screenshot-711 Screenshot-6810 Screenshot-6510 Screenshot-6460 Screenshot-6740 Screenshot-63900 Screenshot-630000 Screenshot-636000 Screenshot-6330 Screenshot-679 Screenshot-675 Screenshot-672 Screenshot-663 Screenshot-662 Screenshot-664 Screenshot-659 Screenshot-655 Screenshot-654 Screenshot-653 Screenshot-651 Screenshot-652 Screenshot-646 Screenshot-645 Screenshot-644 Screenshot-641 Screenshot-639 Screenshot-637 Screenshot-636 Screenshot-632 Screenshot-631 Screenshot-626 Screenshot-622 Screenshot-621 Screenshot-483


Welcome to Luca

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Pictures Link :

Warm and inviting, “Luca” is setting on a EA 64×64 Lot with 6 bedrooms, 7 baths. Top floor consists of 2 bedrooms for Tot’s or Teen’s and it’s on personal bathroom, landing has extra computer, and seating area, Second floor consists of 2 large bedrooms with their on personal bathroom’s, could be guest room’s or teen room’s or your room, also has Nursery with 2 cribs, landing overlooking the Great Room, has play area for tot’s and extra computer for work, bookshelf and extra desk just to do homework, with small seating area, First Floor consists of Main entrance, on the right you enter the seating room, and on the left is a large dining area, entrance to stairs and the Great Room, off the Greatroom is the Kitchen which can be entered by the dining room also, kitchen also has a breakfast nook, and a laundry room to the side. The Outside of Luca consists of a 3 car garage, with a pool house overtop, pool house consists of 1 bedroom 1 bath kitchen nook and living room, top floor is a wreck room for activities. Luca has a large pool, gazebo, ponds and a play area for the kiddo’s plenty of seating to read and enjoy the gardens, with outdoor fire pits and one is under roof with a seating area to watch the kiddos or just sit and enjoy reading a good book and listening to the birds sing. I really hope you all enjoy “Luca” it’s been a joy to build it.. “Luca” has NO CC, but does consists of EA, EP, SP and Store content, Build with BUYDEBUG on, it is encouraged to have “BUYDEBUG ON” when placing on lot, for the yard fence to show.

 photo Screenshot-3010_zps4a025328.jpg

 photo Screenshot-3190_zps0d1ed75a.jpg

 photo Screenshot-3180_zps3901abed.jpg

 photo Screenshot-3170_zpsf2466646.jpg

 photo Screenshot-3160_zps7a7b5b6b.jpg

 photo Screenshot-3140_zpsa14eeecc.jpg

 photo Screenshot-2500_zps92616d85.jpg

 photo Screenshot-2480_zpsf1a9b6e0.jpg

 photo Screenshot-2430_zps21ad2f6c.jpg

 photo Screenshot-2350_zps5a1d1197.jpg

 photo Screenshot-2260_zpsb805c757.jpg

 photo Screenshot-2250_zps26fd99db.jpg

 photo Screenshot-2200_zpse26d1629.jpg

 photo Screenshot-1940_zps6d15848e.jpg

 photo Screenshot-1800_zpsd6eab668.jpg

 photo Screenshot-1620_zps51a1fba2.jpg

 photo Screenshot-1580_zps89ea5e0d.jpg

 photo Screenshot-3380_zps740df1c0.jpg

Download Link : Lin-Bella

Link to more Pictures:

Link for Pictures on Facebook:

The Lin-Bella Cabin, is small and cozy, 1 car garage, 2 bedroom, 3 bath, with laundry room in one bath, lots of room to take a break and do some fishing.. This lovely little cabin sets on an, EA 30×40 lot, and it invites everyone, has small pet beds also.. With a warm welcome any Sim would want to gather here, or even start a family.. I hope you enjoy this little lot, it was built with EA store content , SP, and EP, NO CC, I tried to keep it simple, as much as possible!!! plz. no Re-uploading,. Just by Bree

In The End, It’s All About “Simming”

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